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How to Meet & Date Iranian Women Successfully

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Have you ever heard the story about Aladdin and his beautiful Persian bride Mulan? Of course, you have. Maybe, from that very moment, you have a clear idea of the magnificent beauty and humble yet intelligent character of all overseas Asian ladies. But let us make a point, that only half of your impressions are true, while the other half is a part of popular myths about Iranian single women. Read this article to dissolve all the myths and find out the truth about the glory of beautiful single Syrian women.

👭 Female population41,012,000
🌎 Top cities
  • Tehran
  • Shiraz
  • Isfahan
  • Kashan
🌐 Speak English53%
👩 Personality traits
  • Loyalty
  • Sophistication
  • Intelligence

What Are Iranian Women Like

Dating Iranian women is absolutely not just like dating any other girls of different nationalities. The culture and mentality of Iran differ drastically from the ones you got used to. That’s why before dating an Iranian woman, you need to know practically everything about her country’s culture, traditions, and dating rules. But before all of that, you need to know about the most common personal traits of all Persian ladies. Well, Iranian girls are:

  • Very traditional. Due to the really strict upbringing in Iran, girls tend to respect and follow their national and religious traditions. Even though you can meet Iranian women who do not wear black veils or special scarves to cover their face, that doesn’t mean they don’t follow all the rules. For example, according to the main rule of the Koran, Iranian wives have to obey their husbands – and this tradition is kept in almost every Iranian family.
  • Smart and sophisticated. If you always thought that education in Iran is a forbidden thing, you’ve been mistaken. Education is very important for many Iranian girls. They go to schools and universities. Moreover, the overall entrance campaign among females is much higher than among Iranian males. More and more Iranian women get higher degrees in universities and speak more than just one language.
  • Strong. It’s not a surprise that living in a country with such rules and an absence of normal rights for women makes these ladies much stronger than they could be. Strength and willingness for equality are rooted in their blood. Iranian women will definitely be a great couple for men, who are ready to feel that vibe.
  • Naturally gorgeous. Among all single Asian ladies looking for men, Persian beauties differ by their lightly tanned skin and charcoal dark hair. If you had a chance to meet Persian women, you definitely mentioned that these females usually have wide brown eyes and slim figures, which really stands them out from other Asian nationalities. Beautiful Iranian women are a delight for the eyes of foreign men, who find Persian singles dating as their key to happiness.

Once you meet Persian ladies, you’ll never get them out of your mind. Their charming fairy tale beauty and humble yet strong personality will definitely take a huge place in your heart. So maybe it's time to know how and where to meet Iranian singles?

Iranian Women

How to get an Iranian girlfriend

If at least a decade ago a wish to find a Persian girlfriend would raise lots of questions, now this is just an aim that can be easily achieved. Online dating has become a whole new substitution for the normal dating we got used to. And thanks to that, Persian women dating can now become a dream come true. Follow our easy steps to make your dating Iranian ladies even more successful:

  1. Choose a website for your online dating. You should pick only one of the legitimate Asian dating sites where you’d be sure there is no scam. To make that happen, take your time and read some reviews of the real users. And only then choose a dating site that matches your expectations most of all.
  2. Register and complete your profile. May be the most important part of your online dating experience because women will be judging you by your profile. Try to make it look nice: fill it only with fair and interesting information about yourself. And also add some pictures, where you look great.
  3. Look for your perfect Iranian lady. Every popular legit dating website has a smart search engine that will help you get the best results from your search. Use all available filters if you know for sure who you’re looking for. Or try a smart matchmaking feature that will automatically suggest different female profiles according to the information provided in your profile.
  4. Make your communication involving. Use all the available communication and interaction tools to make your conversation interesting and amusing. Send your lady flowers or virtual presents.
  5. Arrange a real date. If everything goes well, maybe it’s time to take the next step. Many websites can help users with arranging a real-life meeting, so you can use that service too.

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Reasons to reconsider dating Iranian women

Even if marrying an Iranian woman wasn’t your number one priority, believe us or not, after reading these reasons, you’ll change your mind:

  • Loyal. Iranian women tend to be one of the most loyal and faithful spouses in the whole world. Due to their upbringing and traditional views on life, they tend to be very loyal, humble, and gentle towards their husbands. A man can be easily sure of his Iranian wife’s devotion to their relationship.
  • Caring. As a wife, an Iranian woman is very loving and caring. She surrounds her partner with the most love she can possibly give. Any man would feel himself in comfort and love near such a woman. Moreover, these ladies would never be against doing some home chores and preparing delicious home food for their men.
  • Wise. Iranian women love learning something new. They’re fond of foreign languages, fashion, and traveling. You’ll always have something to talk about with your Iranian girlfriend and will never feel any discomfort.
Iranian girlfriend

Effective Iranian women dating tips

Iran is a country with quite strict rules, breaking which may cause serious issues. Before even thinking of Persian ladies dating, you have to do research about this country, its traditions, rules, and restrictions. Anyway, we already collected the most useful dating tips for you:

  • Get to know about her country. As there can be a few Iranian rules that can forbid one romantic action or another, you should know about them beforehand and be prepared for possible situations in the future. Besides that, knowledge of the main traditions and cultural facts of your girlfriend’s country will definitely raise your score points in her eyes.
  • Always be curious about her life. There are never too many “How do you feel?” or “How was your day?”. Express your interest in the simplest things and that will totally pay you off. And this is not just about the day, it’s all about her life: parents, friends, work, and hobbies – you should be at least familiar with every sphere.
  • Get on well with her parents. Iranian girls can not be wearing veils, but when it comes to family, everything is going pretty serious. If the family is very religious, the bride and the groom can only see each other for the first time at their own wedding, since everything is arranged by their parents. But if you’re already dating an Iranian lady, you’ll not face that problem. Her parents loving you is the highest score in your relationship.
  • Buy her flowers. Find love in the little things and share this love with your significant other. Iranian girls sure want to be at the center of their men’s attention, but such a gesture as a flower bouquet will melt their hearts.
marrying an Iranian woman

How to attract a Persian woman

In addition to the tips we mentioned above, what else can you do to win Iranian women’s attention? Follow these:

  • Always look nice. You don’t have to wear Gucci or Prada to make Iranian girls notice you. All you have to do is to wear clean shoes and neat casual clothes that at least match. Shave, make your breath fresh, especially for your first kiss – and you’ll have a win. And be sure, any girl will notice how handsome you are.
  • A smile is a key to success. A dazzling smile is always unarming. It shows a person's intentions and positive mood. Don’t forget to smile more often, especially when there’s a chance for that. And be sure to make your girlfriend laugh.
  • Act mature. Show your Iranian woman all your serious intentions. Share your plans and goals for the future with her. Make a slight hint that you’re able to financially maintain your future family, and make important decisions.
  • Make eye contact. Iranian ladies love to be close not only physically but also spiritually. So don’t neglect to make meaningful eye contact when you’re both having a conversation – that will mean you’re connected.
  • Never be late. Iranian women differ by their punctuality – they won’t make men wait. So, don’t make them wait for you. Otherwise, this will be your last meeting.


We hope we managed to fade away all your doubts and hesitations about Iranian women. Local girls are the ones who know the value of the family and the husband as the head and center of this family. Any Iranian single lady is ready to be an obedient and loyal wife for her husband, in exchange for infinite love, care, and admiration. If you feel that you’re the right person, and ready for this journey – use our tips to find yourself a beautiful Iranian soulmate.