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How, Why, And Where To Find A Turkish Girl For Marriage

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What is dating a Turkish girl like? Generally, it's somewhat similar to the western type of dating. Get rid of the stereotype that all single Turkish women are very religious, wear hijab, and can marry only Muslim men. The truth is today the country is becoming more and more westernized, and Turkish women for marriage can choose a partner they want. And many of them choose to date foreigners. Why is it so? What are these girls like? Where can you find Turkish ladies? Read the guide to learn.

What are single Turkish women like?

Here are the most important characteristics of Turkish women foreign men should know.

 Turkish women

Not totally equal

On the one hand, women have equal status with men in Turkish society (at least in law). Thanks to Turkey's national hero Kemal Atatürk, civil marriage and divorce were established. Also, Turkish women obtained the right to vote, to hold political office, and to inherit wealth (long before ladies could do that in the USA or Switzerland). On the other hand, society doesn't change easily or quickly, and many people are still prone to believe in old gender roles. Even the current Turkish president demonstrates a certain reluctance to accept equality in relationships, and that's a big problem for Turkish ladies for marriage.


Different people of various ethnicities make up the Turkish genome. Their ancestors are Turks, Russians, Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Germans, Egyptians, Serbs, Croats, and Armenians. That's why they look so different, and Turkish beauties can often hear something like “You don't look Turkish”. Well, yes, a lot of women have dark eyes and black hair, but it's not always the case. There are blondes and red-haired girls. You can meet European, Mediterranean, and even Arab-looking ladies.

single Turkish women

What is it like dating a Turkey girl for marriage?

Today you can easily meet Asian girls online, and Turkish girls for marriage aren't an exception. What's the experience like? Here are some facts.

  • Loyalty. Dating a Turkish woman is always free of any jealousy or resentment, as your girlfriend is going to be the most faithful and caring. Because of certain cultural and religious reasons, girls are expected to be dedicated partners. By the way, the divorce rate is low in the country. For example, it's 0.24 per 1,000 in Hakkari province in Turkey's southeast.
  • PDA. Turkish women dating is characterized by a more strict public display of affection (in comparison with western culture). There's a strong social expectation that unmarried people shouldn't show interest or affection towards one another alone in public. However, it mostly concerns smaller rural areas. The rules aren't so strict in large urban places.

Can a foreigner marry pretty Turkish girls?

Yes, according to the Turkish marriage legislation and regulations, a Turkish national and a foreigner can get married. That's why so many Turkish women for marriage on dating platforms get acquainted with American and European men. Statistically, about 4000 foreign grooms marry Turkish girls yearly.

Turkey girl for marriage

If your marriage takes place in Turkey, it should be conducted only by competent Turkish authorities. It can be done in the Turkish Marriage Offices. In case you decide to wed, say, in America, Turkish beauties will have to apply for Fiancée K-1 Visa. But don't let Turkish girls dating make you worry about the bureaucratic hoops. It just requires some of your time to arrange the details.

Where can I meet single Turkish women?

The best way to meet Asian women and find a Turkish girl for marriage is through online dating. Here's a step-by-step instruction.

  • Register on a dating site. The number of single Turkish women on dating platforms is huge. They're all interested in meeting foreigners, so it seems impossible not to meet a girlfriend there. How to define the best service? By the cut and try method. Read the reviews, get familiar with what other daters think about certain websites, register, and try. Usually, you can browse sites for free.
  • Communicate with many girls. The main advantage of online Turkish women dating is the choice you have. All those endless girls' profiles give you an opportunity to find the most compatible match for you. So your main goal at the very beginning is to look for the best options and only in time narrow your choice.
pretty Turkish girls

Turkish girls dating culture

A few quick tips on how to date a Turkish girl are for you below.

  • Talk to her more. You can chat with Asian girls online anytime and anywhere. All you need is your phone/laptop and access to the Internet. Turkey girls for marriage need men's attention, and the more you give it to them, the better.
  • Give presents. When you find a Turkish girlfriend, you'll have to be ready for some expenditures on gifts. It's a cultural peculiarity—women expect men to indulge them with costly jewelry, clothes, and bags.
  • Adore her. Turkish men are known to be lady-killers. It's okay for them to flirt with many girls, hang out, or even have several wives! Single Turkish women can do nothing about it, as this is their culture. And that's why they're looking for partners who are going to appreciate and admire only them.

Marrying a Turkish woman is going to change your life forever. These women are extremely beautiful, fun, caring, and loyal. Who doesn't dream of a partner like that? If you're ready for equal partnership and want to have a happy and healthy marriage, go get your girlfriend on one of the dating sites!