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Dating Mongolian Woman: Dos, Dont's, How-tos

To meet Mongolian women isn't a problem for foreign men today. There are lots of special services and resources. But you should keep in mind that dating Mongolian girls and dating western women are very different. So the first thing to do is to learn more about these women, their character, family values, what they expect from partners, and Mongolian dating culture in general. The guide below will help you with all the questions.

Mongolian women personality traits

Typical Asian woman is usually timid, quite reserved, and shy. Are beautiful Mongolian ladies like that too? Let's find out.

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Free and independent

This is the first characteristic that makes Mongolian girls very different from the majority of other Asian women. Historically, Mongolian men were always far away from their homes (because of wars and the necessity to take horses far for feeding). So almost all household duties, children raising, and cattle care were girls' responsibility. Thus, a Mongolian female doesn't depend on men so much and won't be a burden for a husband.

Goal-oriented and hard-working

Mongolian women are never afraid to express their opinions. They're often described as fierce and tough. By the way, these girls are even taller and have more well-built bodies than Asian ladies. In a word, a typical Mongolian girl for marriage has a very strong personality and never stops on her way to achieving her goals. They're not white hands at all. Most women handle the household and maintain a successful career. However, you can also meet more feminine Mongolian ladies.

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Why do beautiful Mongolian women look for foreign husbands?

‌There are numerous reasons for that. Here are a few most common ones.

  • They want partnership relations. A Mongolian female is a fan of a modern, westernized way of dating. They want to have smart, financially successful, and interesting men for partners. Also, Mongolian ladies wish to split household responsibilities, have jobs, and raise children in a society with a different mindset. That's why they're looking for boyfriends from America and Europe. Mongolian girls believe they'll make better matches with western partners.
  • They can't find an equal partner among locals. There's a trend in the country called “reverse gender gap”. What does that mean? Mongolian parents care for their daughters to get an education, acquire skills, and get a good job. They want to save ladies from hard work with livestock and farming. While sons are kept at home to tend the animals at farms. It results in educated women outnumbering men in the country. Consequently, beautiful Mongolian girls have high standards and can't find an equal partner.

Reasons to date Mongolian ladies

‌Why to meet Asian women for marriage? Why should you consider marrying a Mongolian woman? Here are the main reasons.

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Mature relationships

The steppes are severe, and they temper people living there. Both men and women have to grow up at a young age and stay strong no matter what. That's why when you meet Mongolian women and start dating, there won't be any games playing. No complaints and nagging. Your girlfriend will be your mature partner you can always rely on.

Friendly and hospitable personality

You can't survive in the steppes if you aren't a welcoming person. You have to learn how to communicate successfully and how to ask for help. Likewise, you need to be hospitable and always be ready to help others. The wandering lifestyle dictates its own rules, and people get used to it. If you're not on good terms with your family, neighbors, or community, it'll impossible to survive. In case you choose a Mongolian lady as a partner, you'll get the most caring and helpful wife.

Stereotypes about single Mongolian ladies

‌What's not true about Mongolian women dating? Here's what you should know.

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They want a rich husband

Well, every female has a natural instinct—a tendency to choose a stronger and more successful male. Of course, beautiful Mongolian women seek men like that—financially stable, confident, and goal-oriented. Don't forget the fact that these girls are very strong and determined. And they need a husband with a similar character. By the way, getting a woman from Mongolia won't cost you much. Asian mail order brides pricing is usually affordable for westerners.

They live in yurt, ride horses, and speak Chinese

In fact, the stereotypes about Mongolians seem endless and sometimes sound very strange and irritating for locals. So the best tip for you, as a foreigner who doesn't know a lot about this culture,—try to free your mind from everything you've heard about beautiful Mongolian ladies. The majority of them live in urban areas, drive cars, have a healthy diet, and in general, have educated, interesting personalities.

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How to impress a Mongolian girlfriend

‌Finally, look through the best tried-and-true tips for dating a Mongolian woman.

  • Be generous. Generosity is a sign of a kind, reliable, and helpful personality which Mongolian beauties really appreciate and look for in future husbands.
  • Show you adore her. Because women lack that a lot. Mongolian men aren't so good at giving compliments, showing attraction, or remembering important anniversaries.
  • Be interested in how her family is doing. This is important in Mongolian dating culture. Families are very close. Parents especially care about their daughters and want to make sure they're in good hands.
  • Arrange romantic dates. It's highly likely no one has ever done something romantic for your Mongolian girlfriend. Be first! She'll be unbelievably grateful.

‌Dating a Mongolian girl would always be a great idea if you're looking for a mature, smart, and hard-working partner. On top of that, she's certainly going to be very pretty. A hot mixture, right? Don't lose your chance for a happy marriage! Find a good dating platform, register, and start getting acquainted with Mongolian women! One of them will make your life full of love and care.