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Where To Meet Cambodian Women And How To Date A Cambodian Girlfriend

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Cambodian girls for marriage make great partners for foreign men. Because of strong family values, friendly character, and natural beauty, they`re adored and desired by westerners. But how and where to meet Cambodian girls? How to make your relationship successful? What do these ladies expect from their partners? Read the article about dating a Cambodian woman to have all the answers.

Why do beautiful Cambodian women look for foreign partners?

‌There are very many Asian women looking for men, and pretty Cambodian girls are among them too. What are the reasons?

Cambodian girls for marriage


On the one hand, the country has managed to decrease poverty and boost shared prosperity. There are also big improvements in the health care system, and, consequently, life expectancy increased for almost 10 years. On the other hand, salaries still remain very low. Half of the population earns less than $800 a month. That`s why Cambodian women for marriage are looking for men from more prosperous countries.


When you meet Cambodian women, you get to know how resourceful and smart they are. But this comes with lots of challenges, as it`s very difficult to get a good education in the country. Unfortunately, kids in Cambodia can`t reach learning standards appropriate for their age because there are not enough teachers, and the quality of learning environments is poor.

Facts about Cambodian females

‌Here`s what you should know about Cambodian girl dating.

meet Cambodian girls
  • Marriage age. This is usually quite a shocking fact for western women and men, but the average age for girls to marry in Cambodia is 22. That`s why there are so many young and pretty girls on dating platforms today. Also, be sure dating a Cambodian woman in America is as easy and enjoyable. Girls are interested in meeting Americans and want to find a good match!
  • No birthdays. Quite unusual fact about Cambodian women dating—you won`t have to give your girlfriend any gift or flowers for her birthday because locals don`t celebrate it. In the majority of cases, they even don`t remember the exact date of the day that`s considered so important in the majority of other countries.
  • Principles of behavior. Believe it or not, but locals even have their own conduct of behavior for beautiful Cambodian girls. It`s called The Chbab Srey. This is a poem that was written centuries ago and contains the mother`s advice to her recently married daughter. It teaches to be obedient and peaceful, respect a spouse, and not to foul the nest.

Reasons to date pretty Cambodian girls

‌Cambodia is considered to be one of the best Asian countries to find a wife. Why should you consider Cambodian females for marriage?

  • Beautiful. Single Cambodian women are gorgeous. They`re constant winners of a variety of beauty contests. Western men adore their beauty because it`s exotic and unusual—petite bodies, long black hair, deep dark eyes, tanned skin, and ultra-white smiles. Who doesn`t want to date a girl like that?
  • Smiley. All Cambodian girls for marriage are known for their unbelievable ability to always smile no matter what. Even despite a horrible Khmer Rouge Regime that locals had to rub though not so long ago, they still smile and stay positive. It`s a mystery for the rest of the world.
  • Simple. Beautiful Cambodian girls are deep Buddhist followers. Because of their religion and natural easy disposition, it seems like all the trouble in the world can`t make them angry and desperate. Locals are satisfied with what they have and don`t want to have all the wealth of the world. They`re also very calm and peaceful, rarely show anger or displeasure, stay polite and friendly towards others.
pretty Cambodian girls

Cambodian marriage culture

Asian culture traditions and values are very different from the western. Here are some facts about marrying a Cambodian woman.

Gender roles

Cambodia is a male-dominated society, and beautiful Cambodian women are expected to conform to traditions. And this is one of the reasons these girls are so interested in western men who are oriented towards equality in relationships. Can you imagine the following? Cambodian ladies are compared to the cotton wool, which, when dropped into mud, never regains its purity regardless of how much it`s washed. And Cambodian men are associated with the diamond, which, when dropped into mud, can be washed and made clean again. It sounds crazy for modern Europeans and Americans but reflects the gender roles in the Cambodian community.


When dating a Cambodian woman and planning a wedding, be ready for a huge ceremony with lots of people, gifts, loud music, and tasty meals lasting for three days and three nights. Three is symbolic in Buddhism and refers to “three jewels”: the Buddha, the Sangha, and the Dhamma. However, lots of traditions are omitted when a girl gets married to a foreigner. Then a wedding looks much more Westernized.

Cambodian females

Tips for Cambodian women dating

‌If you follow the recommendations below, your Cambodian girlfriend will be extremely happy and fall in love with you even more!

  • Be a real gentleman when dating Cambodian girls. Say compliments, make her feel more feminine by helping with heavy bags or holding the door.
  • Give gifts. Women lack it in everyday life but require as much as any other girls from any other country.
  • Be respectful. There are lots of abusers among local Cambodian men. One in five women in Cambodia had suffered violence.

‌Do you see why dating Cambodian girls is so pleasurable? Because of attractive appearance, soft-spoken character, and positive attitude to life, one of these girls can make a great partner for you. All you have to do is to register on a dating platform and start looking for your match. Ready? Go get her!