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How To Meet Korean Girls And Date South Korean Women For Marriage

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If you're looking for Korean women to date, you first need to learn some peculiarities and differences. The first thing to know is that you'll need a dating platform to find and communicate with ladies. Second, Korean women for marriage are going to be as interested in getting acquainted with you because they like Americans. But if you don't know and apply specific rules and principles, your relationship won't last long. How to make a single Korean woman fall in love with you? Where to find the best dating platform? What's the dating etiquette? Read the guide below to find out everything about Korean ladies dating.

👭 Female population  25,000,000
🌎 Top cities
  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Incheon
🌐 Speak English55%
👩 Personality traits
  • Loyal
  • Faithful
  • Calm
Korean girl

What's a typical Korean girl looking for marriage like?

Korean girls dating is so enjoyable because these women have lots of advantages. What are they?


Why are Asian girls so pretty? First, high beauty standards. Believe it or not, appearance matters so much in the country that you perhaps have more opportunities to get a job if your CV has a nice picture. Thus, Korean girls looking for marriage care a lot about how they look. And skincare is their number one priority. This is one of the reasons Koreans age gracefully.


Seems like Korean women have perfect bodies. Here are some numbers. On average, they're 158 cm tall and weigh about 55-57 kg. By the way, an interesting fact for you—the country has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. You'll love dating Korean girls, believe it.


South Korean ladies are well-educated as they have access to high-quality academic programs and institutions. Both public and private schools in this country perform excellently, while female students work hard to demonstrate the best results. They don't show off their knowledge, but they can keep a conversation going whatever the topic is. With a Korean girlfriend, your communication will be meaningful and interesting.


Korean women looking for American men are active and fun-loving. Although they pay lots of attention to their jobs, they don't miss an opportunity to spend time in good company. South Korean girls like to attend different events with friends or have a couple of cocktails in a cozy cafe. So, when you start dating a lady from Korea, you'll regularly do something interesting together.


Like all Asians, females from Korea behave politely and patiently with others. They have a special attitude toward elders and desire to help them when necessary. If you're interested in meeting Korean girls, you have to remember that she’ll accept even a small age gap with her partner as the reason to respect you even more.

By the way, if you want to enjoy an unlimited love search, use Asian dating websites to find women from other countries.

Korean women

How and where to meet Korean women?

Online dating still remains to be the best way to meet single Korean ladies. Mail order Asian brides prices aren't high, so it's also the most cost-efficient method. But how to do that? Here's a step-by-step instruction.

  • Find a reliable dating platform. A number of Korean online daters is growing rapidly and expected to reach 6.5m users by 2025. So read the reviews of experts and other daters, find the websites that correspond to your requirements, register, and go to meet a Korean girl online.
  • Create an eye-catching profile. This is obligatory as otherwise your chances to find a Korean woman fast decrease. You need to upload a high-quality new profile photo and add many details in your personal information section. Your account has to stand out because the number of single western men looking for girlfriends on the site is huge.
  • Get acquainted with many girls. Successful Korean women dating is impossible if you're not active on a dating platform. It's a big mistake to choose only one girl for communication. You first need to talk to many ladies to understand who you like the most and narrow your selection.

How to get a single Korean girl?

Here are some recommendations on how American men can attract and get South Korean girls for marriage.

Korean ladies

More texting

Dating a Korean woman is impossible to imagine with constant texting. They love it! Well, they're in general fond of all modern gadgets and technologies. So, if you want to get a girlfriend in Korea, text her more often. This is part of their culture and the way they learn each other better.

More tasty food

Another thing Koreans love is to eat well (you'll never tell judging by their ideal bodies). They enjoy the process, never hurry, and even don't use their smartphones while eating. Meals are important. A nice spicy dish can make their day! So when you meet Korean girls and plan your date—asking her out to a restaurant will always work out well.

More organization

Once you find Korean women for dating, you should arrange a couple of dates every girl dreams of. Normally, your Korean partner has preferences for food, music, and activities. Discover what your lady likes most of all to impress her. Make a plan and reserve a table at her favorite restaurant, take her to the movies, and finish the evening with a romantic walk under the stars. Turn on your imagination!

More compliments

When you meet Korean women, you may notice that some of them are pretty shy. That's why you should shower them with pleasant compliments. Praise a girl's new haircut, the way she looks tonight, and how beautiful her eyes are. Of course, it would be nice to add something about her personality.

Do South Korean women like American men?

Yes, Korean ladies indeed like Americans. On average, there are over 23,000 cases of international marriages between a South Korean citizen and a foreigner every year. And about 25% of foreign grooms are Americans. That's why you have all chances to meet Korean women fast and with minimum challenges.

dating Korean girls

Here are some reasons why single Asian girls and Koreans, in particular, like Americans.

  • Americans seem more attractive. Remember? Appearance matter in Korea. And you're lucky because it seems your appearance is ideal for Eastern women. So you don't have to worry about it when you date a Korean girl.
  • Americans seem more husband-material. South Korean women dating is so enjoyable because both a man and a girl seem to get a perfect match. They're compatible because of similar values and desires. Women consider Americans to have the best masculine qualities needed for a good partner.
  • American men are confident. South Korean girls love dating initiative guys who aren't afraid of taking action. They don't hesitate and try to win a lady's heart if they like her. Females from Korea think that such an attitude is romantic.

Tips for dating single Korean women

To meet Korean singles is just half of the battle. But actual dating is more important. Follow these recommendations to make sure you do everything right.

  • Remember to give compliments. How to date a Korean woman? Be a real gentleman! The more kind words you say, the more she'll fall in love with you.
  • Remember all anniversaries. There are lots of them in Korean culture. They celebrate 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1,000 days of relationships. So don't forget about the flowers and a gift.
  • Remember other romantic holidays. Yes, there are many of them too in the country. South Korean women for marriage would expect you to celebrate Rose Day, Hug Day, Wine Day, Kiss Day, and many more (they occur every month).

So, how to date a Korean girl? Just the way you're used to, but keep in mind certain cultural peculiarities mentioned above. And, most importantly, be honest and true with your intentions. Korean women seeking men are kind and friendly. Don't lie to them and prove you don't play games but want to find a woman for a serious and long relationship. And that's it. Your happiness is a few clicks away. Go get it!