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Asian Culture Traditions And Values: The Main Differences From America

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Asian culture is nothing like that of the US. Their religions, festivals, foods, and even clothes are immensely different. If you want to learn more details on Asian women and their culture and how their values and traditions differ from Americans, you've come to the right place.

How are Asian culture values different from America's?

Asian and American cultures are unique in their own way. Different levels of importance are set on different aspects of life.


In Asian communities, family comes before all else. Children don't move out of their parents' homes until they get married, and in some places, the wife simply moves into the son's house with their parents. It's expected that even if the children find good jobs and move out, they'll bring their parents with them sooner or later. You shouldn't be surprised to see Asian adults having their elderly parents and their own kids live under one roof. In America, it's common to see children leave home at an age as young as 18.

Asian Family

Even if the children have to move away for their education or work, they're expected to call their parents at least once a day. This might seem a bit much, but it's normal in Asia to talk to your parents so frequently, while this is less common in America.

Romantic relationships

In most parts of Asia, pursuing romantic relationships is typically forbidden until you're at least in college, and flings are looked down on. If an Asian is in a relationship, society expects it to be their last relationship, because it's otherwise seen as shameful. There's a huge stigma around women who aren't virgins getting married, although this mindset is slowly changing for the better.


In Asian families, the familial bond comes first, then your studies. Everything else comes after that. You're expected to focus on your studies only in your childhood, so that you may become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. The job isn't as important as is the prestige that comes with it. This is because Asian families give immense consideration to social status and the opinions of others. In America, it's much more akin to “Mind your own business”, which is a healthier way to go about things.

Is Asian culture and history different from each other?

Asian culture and history aren't so different in the broad spectrum, but they do have their own unique tidbits. Let's explore their similarities and unique parts a bit.

South Asian history and culture

South Asia was widely colonized by Britain, and as such now has the largest English-speaking population in the world. Several billion dollars of treasures were plundered by the British and the Portuguese, and slavery and famine left in their wake.

In terms of values, South Asian values are very much similar to that of East Asians. However, their clothing, festivals, and food are vastly different. The main religions in South Asia are Hinduism, followed by Islam, Christianity, and then Buddhism.

Asian history and culture

East Asian culture and history

East Asia didn't have a good history with Britain either, as it instigated the Opium wars. Japan closed off its borders to foreigners to stay safe from invaders, while many other East Asian countries suffered.

East Asians practice Buddhism more than other religions, though there are other faiths scattered through different countries.

What's Asian food culture like?

Whatever shortcomings Asia may have, food is its greatest strength. In no other part of the world will you experience such a vast array of flavors spread across thousands of different dishes. Every country has its own unique cuisine, all making use of different kinds of spices, creating a myriad of heavenly experiences for your taste buds. Everyone knows about spicy Indian cuisine, Japanese sushi, and Chinese wonton soups. Cuisine from other parts of Asia are just as desirable, and no matter what city in the US you go to, you'll always find a few Asian restaurants.

How do gender roles in Asian culture work?

Gender roles in Asian culture are actually very similar to those in Eastern Europe! Asian societies are very patriarchal in nature. This means the man of the house works to earn money and set food on the table, while the wife takes care of the kids at home, and keeps the house spick and span. The husbands toil on the metaphorical (or literal) fields, and the wives make sure that after work, life is as comfy as possible for them. From a young age, girls are taught how to take care of their younger siblings, clean the house and cook food, so that they may become the Asian ideal wife.

Are Asian culture traditions that simple? If you're looking at the big picture, yes! But every Asian country has its own niche of traditions and values, and each one is a rabbit hole to dive into. Do they differ much from America? Yes, in many aspects. But at the same time, there are many similarities. If this article has spiked your curiosity, don't stop yourself from exploring the rich Asian culture yourself!