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Getting exhausted of meeting white girls? Need something exotic to spice up your life? You’re not alone, a ton of other Western men are tired of dating women with similar interests. Well, it should come as no surprise then when men all over the world are clamoring to meet and get themselves with Asian women! There are a multitude of reasons why Asian women are preferred, but those have been spouted endlessly by similar articles. So today, let’s get into the best places to meet cute Asian girls in real life for dates!

Where can I go to meet an Asian girl?

If you are really interested in finding an Asian girl to meet up with, there are a variety of options available, many of which are extremely popular among Western men nowadays.

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Visiting Asia itself

Shocker, I know. But really, finding an Asian woman is the easiest in Asian countries itself, especially places which are under the Western influence. So, cities like Hong Kong, Mumbai, Beijing, Malaysia are prime locales where readers can find gorgeous eligible Asian babes. To be more specific, hotspots for bachelors include the thriving night scene of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, etc. or the multitude of educational institutions that women flock to from all over the world!

Browsing local forums

Now, forums are technically online sites where users congregate, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to meet Asian women from. In fact, a lot of people meet their future partners through similar platforms! How does one meet people in real life like this? Well, it’s all about forming connections. Interact with other ladies on the site, get to know them, and soon enough, those Asian babes will be out on dates with you! Arrange meetings at bookshops, coffee bars, and libraries to make an unforgettable experience!

Shopping Malls

How does a place so large and crowded become the ground for meeting Asian women? Well, there is a reason why Asian ladies are notorious for being fashion conscious! They love to look sleek and trendy, and this leads to long stretches roaming malls for the perfect outfit to complement the shoes they bought! What better time and place to introduce yourself and get to know them? Shopping malls are one of the best places to meet Asian girls, and because each city only has 1 or 2 of them, they tend to congregate in these monoliths!


Should have seen this one coming! Everyone knows about the stereotype of Asians being smart and educated, and there’s a fair reason for that assumption. Almost every Asian woman looks to further their career and knowledge. That’s why there are a ton of Asian women who are single and eligible in places like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, OSU, Florida State University, University of Cornell, etc, attending courses ranging from engineering to social sciences! Libraries, campus mess/canteens, campus gymnasiums are prime locations to strike up conversations, so these should be the focus for any aspiring man!

Night clubs

Want to find an open-minded lady? One maybe that desires an open and chill relationship? Well, look no further than the nightclubs and bars! Asian women who tend to spend their time here are more likely receptive to such ideas. Asian women in nightclubs expect you to approach them and ask them out, so don’t be shy! They may not be wife material, but to meet up for short dates or flings is something they like to do! Try a different bar each weekend and see how the results vary!

Spas and gymnasiums

Have you noticed how a lot of beauty parlors in the States often are tended by women of Asian origin? Well, as established before, Asian women are very conscious of their looks and go about their way to maintain their radiant beauty. This makes spas a fitting location to meet Asian women all around the world, as they congregate there during free days to get a manicure or straighten their hair. Weekends and mid weeks are probably the best times to go look here, during the evening, since most people are let off by their work around that time. Build a good relationship with an Asian masseur, and then be the leader in finding good women for yourself!

Karaoke bars

Karaoke bars are one of the best places for men to meet Asian women. It all stems from karaoke being an activity with Japanese roots, that grew into a worldwide phenomenon rapidly. Asian women love karaoke because of this, making it a prime candidate to find fit Asian women with beautiful voices. There is a major difference between Asian-style karaoke and Western-style karaoke: Asian-style karaoke is best characterized by booths (each group go to one booth, which means it’s hard to talk to strangers as they are in another booth); however, western-style karaoke is open-mic karaoke (someone stands on stage and sings in front of everyone else). Finding Asian women doing western style karaoke is the easiest way to talk to them. Trying to meet Asian women in booths is a more complex task, and you have to approach them while they are not engaged in conversation with anyone else.

Now you know where to meet single Asian women, so you’ve got the fast track to your success. You try a nightclub and the next week go to karaoke. During the weekdays try to approach hardworking Asian girls in the universities, but on the weekend while shopping keep your eye and ear open for potential openings. Trying each place, and seeing progress is the best way to meet Asian women!