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The Ultimate Guide On How To Attract Asian Girls

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When you meet a new lady in your own country, you're always ready for this. You know what to do and say to impress her. But what if you want to attract an Asian woman, for example? What on earth you should know about them? This guide will help you out.

How to impress Asian women? Is there some magic recipe?

Instead of magic, try to impress an Asian woman with what you've got and a little extra effort. In this guide, you'll find the main keys to an Asian girl's heart.

attracting Asian woman

Learn more about her country, history, and culture

You can't get to know an Asian girl or go on a date with her unprepared. To respect an Asian woman means to accept her traditions, know her country's history, and respect her country's culture. Try to learn a bit more than just some basic phrases in her language, dig a little deeper in the history book, and maybe learn a traditional dance or ancient cooking recipe. This is what can easily impress your Asian girlfriend. She'll see you've put lots of effort for this date.

Show you have serious intentions

Asian women are family-driven and usually don't want to date millions of guys until they find the one. They want to know a man is serious and wants deeper commitment in the first place. This is what you have to show her gradually not to scare a lady off. Although Asian girls are easy-going and friendly, they can't start trusting someone right away. That's why wait for a while and then start making the moves.

To not only attract an Asian woman but also gain her full trust, ask to meet her parents after some time. Family is the most important thing for an Asian lady, and she'll need to know her family's opinion about you. Here, try to impress the family too: ask them to go out for dinner, bring a small gift, speak the language. This will help your girl trust you more and develop deeper feelings for you.

Compliment her personality and deeds, not her looks

Asian ladies aren't like any other women. They know pretty well they're good-looking and appealing, and everyone around can feel it. What they want others to pay more attention to is their character traits and virtues. So, instead of telling how charming a girl is, look at the way she treats other people and you, her manners, and the way she speaks. Ask if your girl is volunteering somewhere, donates money for charity, or if she's trying to improve the world in any way. This will help her open up more and you'll see her inner, real side.

impress an Asian girlfriend

Be attentive and let her speak

When men want to impress an Asian woman (or any other girl), they tend to talk a lot about themselves, their income, big houses, modern cars, etc. Unfortunately, they usually forget to show interest in a lady, and she's usually left with no chance to speak about herself. This is rude and offensive to any girl, so try not to oversell yourself and ask her questions instead. Your lady needs to see you want to know more about her life, childhood memories, or mood. Attention is what so many guys lack nowadays.

Put theory into practice!

Dating an Asian girl is always some kind of adventure, and you're a brave guy if you decide to take the risk! Use this guide as a helping hand to attract Asian women but don't forget to put some more effort into conquering a girl of your dreams. Good luck with finding the right girl!